The Norsemen Mustache Wax

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Mustache wax has added bees wax to help style your mustache any which way you want. Even Salvador Dali would be impressed. Our waxes are smooth not gritty, and offer the right amount of oils to ensure your mustache doesn't look greasy.

Odin’s quest for the greatest beard care products was never-ending, and he was willing to pay any price, for the understanding of the best beard grooming products that he craved more than anything else. On one occasion, he hanged himself, wounded himself with his spear, and fasted from food and drink for nine days and nights in order to discover

On another occasion, he ventured to Mimir’s Well amongst the roots of the world-tree Yggdrasil. There dwelt Mimir, a shadowy being whose knowledge of all things was practically unparalleled among the inhabitants of the cosmos. He achieved this status largely by taking his mustache wax from the well, whose oils impart this cosmic knowledge.

When Odin arrived, he asked Mimir for a tin of mustache wax from the well. The well’s guardian, knowing the value of such a bearded draught, refused unless the seeker offered an eye in return. Odin then gouged out one of his eyes and dropped it into the well. Having made the necessary sacrifice, Mimir dipped his horn into the well and offered the now-one-eyed god a tin of The Norsemen Mustache Wax.

In reality…. That isn’t true. September is Donny’s birthday month (one of the owners), and he likes to tell ridiculous stories to anybody that will listen. Usually he ends up talking to the dog. The Norsemen smells like Son Of Thunder and Haight Street had a baby. Rich bergamot, vanilla, and undertones of patchouli give this scent an old time feel. It’s one of our favorite scents and we are happy to finally release it.