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Rhode Island Reds FC - Beard Care Club Beardlete

Rhode Island Reds FC - Football Club

Providence, Rhode Island

The Rhode Island Reds were a premier adult soccer club dedicated to sportsmanship and the development of player skills, and committed to competition at the highest levels of amateur soccer.

Sadly, after the Covid pandemic, the Rhode Island Reds 2020 season was cancelend, which sadly led to the end of the club.

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Joshua Maw - Powerlifter

Park City, Utah

“The journey of one or one thousand miles starts with a single step.” A quote that Joshua Maw read hundreds of times throughout his powerlifting and fitness career. Starting as a certified strength and conditioning coach at 18 the now bearded power lifter continues to push himself in the gym and to chase state records in his third weight class. After setting state records at 198lbs nearly 5 years ago in his first meet he says it just “got in his blood” and hasn’t showed signs of stopping yet. Almost 2 years later in the 220lbs weight class he set a state record for total and deadlift with a 575lbs that still stands today. After competing at Fit con Utah 3 times and winning first place at a world sanctioned meet earlier this year where he achieved his first masters total with a 600lbs squat 385lbs bench and 666lbs deadlift, the 23 year old set his sights a little higher. Going after more state records and possibly a world record on the dead lift in early April of next year at the 4th annual Fitcon Utah he continues to work hard to pull another gold and a 711lbs deadlift to set a new world record.

The now GNC Taylorsville and Beard Care Club sponsored powerlifter says He’s a hard working blue collar man who loves his girlfriend family and says he would be nothing without all of them.

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Joshua Maw - Beard Care Club Beardlete

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