LXV Beard Cream

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In order to maintain a healthy beard, not only do you need to keep your beard moisturized, but the skin under your beard needs to be moisturized too. 

Our LXV Beard Cream contains all natural ingredients to help condition and moisturize your beard as well as promote beard growth. Beard Creams also help keep the skin under your beard free of "beardruff", A.K.A beard dandruff, while leaving it itch free, soft, and manageable. 

Our 65th scent is called "LXV". LXV is the sixth release of our ten set series in our new “Rome Collection”. LXV is a straight up cologne type scent, because we figured we were due for another. LXV has a slightly spicy top note, blended with a rich woody base. It’s crisp, citrus and clean making this one of our new go-tos in the shop. Our subscribers have said a lot of good things about this fragrance. Give it a try!

LXV is scented with: Cardamom | Lemon | Orange | Fir | Jasmine | Rosemary | Sage | Vetiver | Oakmoss | Rosewood | Sandalwood