LXIV Beard Cream

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In order to maintain a healthy beard, not only do you need to keep your beard moisturized, but the skin under your beard needs to be moisturized too. 

Our LXIV Beard Cream contains all natural ingredients to help condition and moisturize your beard as well as promote beard growth. Beard Creams also help keep the skin under your beard free of "beardruff", A.K.A beard dandruff, while leaving it itch free, soft, and manageable. 

Our 64th scent is called "LXIV". LXIV is the fifth release of our ten set series in our new “Rome Collection”. We are finally moving on to the warmer months here in Utah and we wanted something that had a nice summer fragrance. LXIV (64) is toasted coconut and fresh mint. This one doesn’t go on incredibly strong, but it lasts all day. Last weekend we had a fire and a few of our neighbors stopped by (staying 6 feet apart because, well, the dude abides). With the fire going, one of our neighbor friends mentioned they could smell “minty coconut” and asked if he could have the same cocktail. When I told him it was my beard, he decided it was a good time to start growing one because he loved the smell. It makes a great body wash too! So get your summer on with LXIV!

LXIV is scented with: Toasted Coconut | Fresh Mint