LXII Mustache Wax

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Mustache wax has added bees wax to help style your mustache any which way you want. Even Salvador Dali would be impressed. Our waxes are smooth not gritty, and offer the right amount of oils to ensure your mustache doesn't look greasy. 

Our 62nd scent is called "LXII". LXII is the third release of our ten set series in our new “Rome Collection”. LXII (62) is a cologne type woodsy scent with Sandalwood and eastern spices. The creaminess of the Sandalwood and spice of cinnamon and Ylang-Ylang round this fragrance out well, leaving it subtle and not overpowering on your beard.

LXII is scented with: Sandalwood, Cumin Seed Oil, Ylang-Ylang, Benzoin, and Cinnamon Bark Oil.