LXI Beard Balm

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Keep your beard looking healthy and maintained with beard balm. Beard balm helps tame your beard giving it a finished look. Our balms are smooth not gritty, and offer the right amount of oils to ensure your beard doesn't look greasy. Our LXI Beard Balm contains high quality oils, butters, and bees wax to seal in the moisture while giving your beard the hold you desire. 

Our 61st scent is called "LXI". LXI is the second release of our ten set series in our new "Rome Collection". LXI (61) is a woody, aromatic, cologne type scent. It’s a great fragrance to wear at work, a night out, or if you’re trying to impress your mom. Spring is right around the corner, so we here at BCC are grinding away to come up with new spring/summer scents for all you awesome beardo’s. We hope you enjoy.

LXI is scented with: Cedar, Lavender, Coriander, Sandalwood, Amber, and Bergamot