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In order to maintain a healthy beard, not only do you need to keep your beard moisturized, but the skin under your beard needs to be moisturized too. 

Our Goose Juice #69 Beard Cream contains all natural ingredients to help condition and moisturize your beard as well as promote beard growth. Beard Creams also help keep the skin under your beard free of "beardruff", A.K.A beard dandruff, while leaving it itch free, soft, and manageable. 

Our 69th scent is called "Goose Juice #69". Well, a bet is a bet..... right? Last year at the beginning of the NFL season, I made a bet with a friend named Goose, that the Cleveland Browns would make the playoffs. If I lost, I promised I'd send him a 12 month supply of beard products, and also name a scent after him. Needless to say, I lost the bet.

Goose was a customer at first, but he quickly became a personal friend. Goose is one of the most positive men I have ever met. He's a great father, he's motivated, funny, and he cares about people, dude really cares about people, and I am honored to call him a friend.

So, it's my pleasure to introduce to you "Goose Juice", AKA "LXIX", AKA #69. This is the last of our Rome Series Collection.

No, I will not be making another bet, and YES.... the little kid on the label is Goose!

If you feel up to it, go follow Goose on social media. Below are his personal (yup... personal) and his Goose And Friends Podcast links:

Goose and Friends Podcast: FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM

Goose Juice #69 is scented with: Ale | Cinnamon Bark | Orange Zest | Vanilla | Hops 

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