Chop Top Beard Cream

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In order to maintain a healthy beard, not only do you need to keep your beard moisturized, but the skin under your beard needs to be moisturized too. 

Our Chop Top Beard Cream contains all-natural ingredients to help condition and moisturize your beard as well as promote beard growth. Beard Creams also help keep the skin under your beard free of "beardruff", A.K.A beard dandruff, while leaving it itch free, soft, and manageable. 

Our 75th scent is called, Chop Top. You may have noticed, at Beard Care Club, our favorite scents are more of the cologne types. While we see nothing wrong with smelling like pure pine or sandalwood, we just think spice is the flavor of life! This month we introduce, Chop Top. Chop Top is spicy, citrusy, and a little woody. We went with Chop Top as the name because the owners used to be in to the “rockabilly” scene, don’t laugh, we all have our past! Chop Top smells nothing like a car or grease, it does smell pretty damn fabulous though. You’ll definitely think it smells familiar, and you’ll turn some heads waiting in line to buy ammo… if you can ever find it.  

Chop Top is scented with: Vetiver | Cedar | Fir Balsam | Bergamot | Rosemary | Geranium

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