Animal Beard Cream

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In order to maintain a healthy beard, not only do you need to keep your beard moisturized, but the skin under your beard needs to be moisturized too. 

Animal Beard Cream contains all-natural ingredients to help condition and moisturize your beard as well as promote beard growth. Beard Creams also help keep the skin under your beard free of "beardruff", A.K.A beard dandruff, while leaving it itch free, soft, and manageable. 

Our 81st scent is called “Animal”. This scent profile and product name was created by one of my best friends, and employee, Tweeder. You may have received a note from him if you've ever ordered from Beard Care Club. Halloween is one of his favorite holidays (St. Patty's being his favorite) so we try and let him run wild with it.... like an animal.

Animal is a warm rustic woodsy scent, with a soft touch of pear and vanilla. Give it a try if you'd like. If not, just don't shave.

Animal is scented with: Amber | Vanilla | Pear | Lily Of The Valley