Traveler Beard Balm

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Keep your beard looking healthy and maintained with beard balm. Beard balm helps tame your beard giving it a finished look. Our balms are smooth and offer the right amount of oils to ensure your beard doesn't look greasy. Our Traveler Beard Balm contains high quality oils, butters, and beeswax to seal in the moisture while giving your beard the hold you desire. 

Our 88th scent is called "Traveler”: With summer approaching fast, we decided to come up with a scent that, to me, smells like a cool summer morning.  I think this is the perfect mix of a woodsy nature scent, with a hint of masculine musk. I get reminded of the morning dew on the grass and leaves on a summer morning.

For the second semester of my son’s 2022 senior year, I had the amazing opportunity to have him intern with us here at Beard Care Club. Elvis (yes, that is my son’s name) was showing an interest in graphic design, so I was able to work with him one on one. I told him that before he graduates, his goal is to come up with a unique scent and name. Then he had to design the logo, print it, create the product images, come up with a scent description, and add all the products to the website.

 So here you have it. Traveler is created 100% by my 17-year-old son, Elvis…. And I couldn’t be prouder to share this with y’all. Thanks Elvis, good luck in college, my son! I can’t wait to watch you conquer the world! ~ Dad (Donny)

Traveler is scented with: Bergamot | Geranium | Jasmine | Patchouli | Amber | Musk | Eucalyptus